As responsible for maintenance you can learn more about the status of your machines by using our modern diagnosis techniques. Only by means of this predictive diagnosis, a cost-saving maintenance at the highest level of machine availability can be reached.

Special measuring procedures which are continuously developed further as well as the professional competence of our personnel allow statements on critical states and necessary maintenance steps. Recurring measurements and a comparison of the results via our databases is the precondition for a secure evaluation. As absolute measuring values are machine-specific, only this temporal development of various measurement values gives a secure picture of possible changes. These databases will be made available to you online on request.

On the basis of our diagnoses we can make statements on alignment, imbalance, bearing condition, blade stroke frequency and meshing frequency, resonance, electrical asymmetry, etc. You will receive a detailed report for each measurement and - if requested -recommendations for necessary actions.


Inner ring damage of an anti-friction bearing

We can repair, but the availability of your systems and the minimisation of expensive down times is our joint goal!

Diagnosis and Measuring Technique